Artist's Date #5: A Romantic Bath

I looooove baths, but I haven’t taken one in awhile because my bathtub was in serious need of a deep clean. To prep for my date, I super scrubbed my tub (and the rest of the bathroom) on Monday. I wanted to give it a few days of showering to get rid of any residual bleach and cleaning products/smells before taking my romantic bath on Thursday.

So what made this a romantic bath? I wanted it to be rejuvenating, not just a utilitarian soak for my poor overused muscles. While the tub was filling up, I made myself a cup of dandelion tea in my favorite mug from the MOMA. I lit a candle and put it on the edge of the bath, then added some epsom salt to the tub (my favorite aid for muscle strains and pains).

Once I was relaxing in the tub, I opened the Spotify app on my phone and searched “meditation.” I picked a short 10 minute guided meditation to listen to, helping me to focus in on my breathe. After it was over, I searched “bath” and chose a stranger’s bath time playlist. Norah Jones came on, which reminded me of high school. It was a great choice.

I like my baths super hot, so I am always a little lightheaded when I get out. My guilty pleasure is to go lay down on my nice cool sheets without toweling off. I like to lay in the dark and close my eyes, feeling all the water evaporate off.

Steps to creating a romantic bath for yourself:

  1. Clean your tub a few days before.
  2. Create some ambience- tea, candles, bath bombs or salts, essential oils, whatever makes you feel loved and calm.
  3. Start with a short guided meditation.
  4. End with some relaxing happy tunes.

What are your favorite bath time indulgences? If you were to take yourself on a “date,” what would it be?

Val OliphantComment